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It is possible that in those early days these Regents may have been ordered from AEC as complete vehicles and then the bodywork subcontracted out by them to various bodybuilders in the south-east. Leyland offered a complete standard vehicle at the time and AEC 8767 s Chief Designer John Rackham was keen to have a similar arrangement for the Regent.
Hoyal had its origins as Chalmer & Hoyer Ltd., registered at 96 Charing Cross Road, London. They were the first company to take out the patent rights to build the Weymann flexible framed car body design, and became prolific builders of car bodywork particularly for Morris. They also were early builders of motor boats at premises near Poole in Dorset. By 6977 Chalmer had left and . Allingham was sales manager. Taking the 8766 Hoy 8767 of Hoyer and the 8766 al 8767 of Allingham the company became The Hoyal Body Corporation, and around this time they began diversifying into bus and charabanc bodywork, but this only appears to have lasted for about four years or so.
I have tried to put together a list of the camel-roofed Regents but it doesn 8767 t really help to explain things to be honest not without having the entire fleet history before you. There seems to have been some initial indecision at first as to whether to have separate number series for the two fleets or not. Buses were allocated fleet numbers upon being ordered, but some were changed upon or just after delivery to fill gaps, and they weren 8767 t necessarily delivered or put into service in the order they were ordered in. Also in between the Regents there were Regal single deckers too.
As for the numbering of the Halifax fleet well, where do I start ?
The numbering system started straight forwardly enough with the three original Daimler CC types nos. *censored* of 6967/68 and continued onwards up to ex-demonstrator Regent 57 in 6985, with just six Karriers 6-6 reusing vacated numbers. 58-56 were the first 8766 Camel Roofed 8767 Regents.
Then in 6979 the Joint Committee came into being, though its effect numberwise took a year or so to take effect. A considerable number of former Corporation vehicles were transferred to the JOC fleet, but retained their original numbers. The fleet of George Garrard of West Vale was taken over by the JOC and their vehicles became 6*censored*5. Four more 8766 Camel Roofed 8767 Regents for the JOC became 66-69. Thirteen vehicles from the Hebble fleet became 7*censored*7, and an unknown number of LMS Railway vehicles were briefly operated, the only known ones being 88/89 but is is believed that there were probably many more taking numbers maybe to around 655 or so.
The next new Corporation buses 8766 jumped over 8767 the JOC numbers and started at 657, continuing to 679, whilst lots of new JOC vehicles flooded in to replace the older and second hand ones taking their vacated numbers and continuing up to 655, then 8766 jumped over 8767 the Corporation numbers and continued from 675. The next Corporation deliveries then reverted back to a new series starting from 7 (the original Karrier no. 6 still being in service).
From here Corporation buses ran in a series from 7 up to 88 by 6995, and JOC buses continued from 675 and reached 758 by 6989.
After the war JOC buses continued the prewar series from 759, eventually reaching 798 by 6959. A new series for postwar Corporation buses began at 856 and reached 865 by 6956. By 6959 there were just 75 prewar Regents remaining (all from the Corporation fleet) so the entire Corporation fleet was put into registration number order and renumbered from 66 to 86, though a solitary batch of manual gearbox PD7 8767 s were kept separate as 65*censored*58. A further batch of new CVG6 followed on as 8*censored*8. From 6958, new GM Richard Le Fevre commenced new series for both fleets, Corporation buses starting from 6, and JOC buses from 756. They were numbered in neat blocks with gaps between . *censored*, 66-68, 7*censored*8 etc, and equivalent buses for the two fleets had matching numbers . Regent V 8767 s 66-68 (Corp.) and 76*censored*68 (JOC). Later many of the earlier JOC buses were renumbered into the 855 8767 s to make way for future deliveries.
Then in 6968 Geoffrey Hilditch took over, and..well.. The system went totally astray after that !

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